What We Do

Climate change is one of the most complex challenges of our time. 

It is already affecting the natural environment, the economy, and the health and quality of life of many Canadians. Science indicates the effects of climate change will intensify as the years go by, creating more risk and unpredictability—as well as new opportunities—for Canada. 

Across the country, governments are making choices today about how to navigate the uncertainty climate change brings—and those choices will shape our future. 

While reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing climate-related risks are essential, decision makers can’t afford to look at those goals in isolation.

It’s time for a more integrated approach to developing climate policy: one that addresses the causes and effects of climate change while also keeping life affordable, creating jobs, helping Canadian businesses remain competitive, reducing health risks, and making Canada’s communities, infrastructure and economy more resilient to the changes ahead.

Our Approach

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices aims to establish a strong foundation for decision-making by:

  • Producing rigorous research, original analysis and evidence-based insight
  • Engaging extensively with experts, business leaders, policy makers, thought leaders and Canadians to convene constructive discussions about the choices and tradeoffs ahead
  • Cultivating a national network of experts from a range of disciplines to share advice and recommendations on developing integrated policy solutions
  • Sharing evidence, case studies and scalable solutions from leading Canadian cities, regions, industry leaders, and others

There is no easy path to achieving the transformative results necessary in the decades ahead. But Canadians are resourceful, practical and innovative, and we are already making progress.

Drawing on experience and expertise from across the country, the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices will accelerate that progress and help Canadian decision makers chart a course toward a clean, resilient and prosperous future for all Canadians.